Spirituality and the Arts

Spirituality and the Arts program at St. Gertrude presents dynamic performances and retreats that engage artistic expression as devotion and the deepening of spirituality through creativity.

Mission Statement of Spirituality and the Arts at St. Gertrude

Icon“In the spirit of St. Benedict who encouraged expression of artistic gifts in the monastic community, the Benedictine Sisters of Cottonwood, Idaho seek to integrate spirituality and the arts. Since we believe art is the domain of every human being, we endeavor with artists, through dialogue and hospitality, to contemplate, to express and to explore the unity and mystery of all creation.

Working with others, we hope to foster an artistic environment and be present to the many manifestations of beauty in our world and to nurture new artistic possibilities. By embracing the profound mystery of artistic experience, we aspire to the transformation of individuals and the world.”


Piano TrioConcerts in the Chapel

Our chapel has been blessed with the sounds of the Palouse Choral Society, The In-Between Jazz trio, Wilson-McVey-Hilliard Trio, and more.

One of the highlights of the Spirituality and the Arts program is the annual Gonzaga University Choir performance in September. This amazing choir never fails to astound us and flood our hearts and spirits with beauty. Join us for the upcoming concert on September 9, 2018, at 1:30 p.m. FREE. The choir will also provide music for 10:30 a.m. Mass that day.



Don’t let yourself forget that God’s grace rewards not only those who never slip, but also those who bend and fall. So sing! The song of rejoicing softens hard hearts. It makes tears of godly sorrow flow from them. Singing summons the Holy Spirit. Happy praises offered in simplicity and love lead the faithful to complete harmony, without discord. Don’t stop singing.
~ St. Hildegard of Bingen


Inviting Spiritual Formation through Art and Creativity

Our retreat center, Spirit Center, offers facilitated retreats throughout the year in Benedictine spirituality, arts, and more.  Learn about upcoming retreats…


Artist Residency at St. Gertrude

The Artist Residency at St. Gertrude is a month-long opportunity for visual artists, musicians and writers to spend time with their practices in a monastic setting. Artists live in the Monastery, joining the community in meals and other aspects of community life. Learn more and request an application…


Passion of the Earth

poe_melanieIn 2003 we commissioned fabric artist Melanie Weidner to create The Passion of the Earth, a multi-media project which is a blend of the traditional Catholic Stations of the Cross devotion and the Universe Story as presented in the work of Thomas Berry.

In seven brief, narrative stations the story of the earth is told, from creation to the current moment when humanity must decide whether to care for this gift of God’s creation or whether to continue on the path of destruction. Learn more…