Art Challenges

Faith, Beauty, and the Imagination

Art Challenges are intended to be experienced at any level of engagement, whether you just read them and spend a few moments of reflection or are inspired to new creations and are able to make the trip to share with the creative community at the end. There is no obligation, really, just invitation. Art Challenges take place in the spring and the fall.

2019 Fall Art Challenge: Hearth

featuring Nancy Collins-Warner, writer, artist, and former Embracing the Artistic Call  facilitator, and current Creative Word facilitator

You are invited to join, and be inspired by, the Fall Art Challenge from the Monastery.  These seasonal opportunities to focus, renew, and expand your creative practice are designed to provide encouragement and connection in your creativity. Across five weeks we will engage with the theme of “HEARTH”, its many possibilities and dimensions. Beginning on October 27, you will receive a weekly email reflection/invitation for your art. On the first Sunday of Advent (December 1) we will gather at St. Gertrude’s at 1:30 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room (main building) to share from the experience of tending our hearth and heart fires as we come into the season of deep quiet.

To accept the challenge and receive the weekly invitations, email 

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