Call for Submissions ~ A Spirituality & the Arts Project

Come to the Table: Recipes for Loving and Serving

Co-edited by Ched Johnson and Nancy-Collins Warner

A recipe is more than its ingredients and how-to’s. It’s a blueprint for physical and spiritual nourishment.  Recipes embed story, history, and community. They’re mini-maps of what brings us to the table.  Joan Chittister says:

The family meal, in the monastic mind-set, is that point of the monastic day when the love and service and self-sacrifice and Word of life that the Eucharist demonstrates in the chapel can be made real again in our personal lives. ~ Wisdom Distilled from the Daily: Living the Rule of St. Benedict Today

Is there a treasured family recipe/meal that comes to mind? Perhaps a well-used, food-spattered recipe recalled or handed down in your family? What dishes or concoctions have fed your spirit? What foods evoke the holy? Share with us the recipe and its story.

Along with your recipe, feed us your:

Poetry (1-2 poems, in one document)
Nonfiction—essays, stories, prayers, meditations, journal entries, reflections (1 to 500 words)
Hybrid/Experimental (no specified word count)
Art/Illustrations/Photography (send up to 2 images in .jpg format)

We welcome writing that celebrates and brings to life your recipe and the memories it holds. These are your personal connections to food. The collection will be compiled and published this summer. This will be a cookbook to take to bed with you, a potluck of memories for spiritual nourishment, written by members of our larger Monastery of St. Gertrude community. 

Deadline: March 16, 2021
Send your submissions, as a file-attachment, to Ched Johnson:
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Double-space your document
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