Living as a Monk in Everyday Life: A Benedictine Spirituality Cohort

Many people today are discovering a deep hunger for God at their core.  The ancient Benedictine monastic tradition is a way of life designed to help people live a life focused on God. In this nine-month program, we will focus on how ordinary people can integrate Benedictine monastic prayer, values and structures into their lives outside of a monastery.

The program begins with a week-long retreat at the Monastery of St. Gertrude.  Over the next nine months participants will take online classes in Benedictine spirituality, participate in online discussions with other participants, explore suggested readings and do regular integration/reflection exercises.  The program will consist of four separate units: 1) the spiritual journey; 2) Benedictine prayer; 3) values and structures of Benedictine life; and 4) reading the Rule of Benedict. The emphasis throughout the program will be on developing a sense of community and mutual support between participants.

There is a retreat midway in winter a final retreat that will focus upon the development of your own “rule of life” based on the insights from the previous nine months.

Participation in “Living as a Monk in Everyday Life” will be limited to eight people who will be accepted through an application process.  A donation of $1,420 will cover the retreats, food, lodging and program costs after acceptance into the cohort program.

Sister Teresa Jackson is currently the membership director at the Monastery of St. Gertrude. She has also worked with the spirituality ministry at the Monastery and is an experienced retreat leader. She has a Master’s in Spirituality, a Certificate in Monastic Studies and is an experienced spiritual director.


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