What is an online retreat?

monasteryA retreat is always a time to get away from our daily routine and take some special time for ourselves and to spend some time with God and deepening our faith life. Although it is nice to be able to go away for a retreat, this isn’t always possible. The online retreat is designed for people who want to make a retreat but aren’t able to get away. You can make this retreat without leaving your home or office — and there is no cost.

How does an online retreat work?

The retreat requires a regular commitment of time on your part. It works best if you set aside a certain amount of time everyday to read the input for that day and to do the suggested exercises and reflections. Many people find it helpful to keep a retreat journal during this time.

How much time does an on-line retreat require?

You can set the time to meet your own needs and circumstances, but try to allocate at least an hour a day. It may be helpful to have half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. The retreat is intended to be flexible to meet your unique needs.  You can do one section a day, several sections a day or take several days to do each section.  It is up to you.

Can I do this with a group?

Absolutely! You may want to do this retreat with a small faith sharing group. You can set a regular time to get together with others to share your experience with this retreat. If you meet regularly with a spiritual director the insights of this retreat may be a good topic for your meetings.


Online Retreats

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God’s Delightful Voice: A Benedictine Spirituality Online Retreat

benedictIn this age of quick fixes and easy solutions many people are rediscovering an ancient and tested path of spiritual wisdom. For over fifteen hundred years men and women, monastics and lay people alike have listened to and followed the wisdom of the monastic way. This way has endured throughout the centuries because it is a simple, practical way for ordinary people who want to deepen their relationship with God. Begin…

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Hildegard Garden

hildegardAs Benedictines we are inheritors of the tradition of St. Hildegard of Bingen, a prophet, visionary and Abbess in medieval Germany who wrote extensively about the use of herbs and plants in healing. In the tradition of Hildegard we are incorporating the use of herbal remedies in our lifestyle. For our friends who cannot visit our grounds and gardens this herb garden will introduce you to the Benedictine tradition of care of the land the remarkable work of St. Hildegard.

Begin this retreat…