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The suggested donation works out to $10 per week.

Date & Time Details:
Tuesdays from 6-7 pm (Pacific), 9-10 (Eastern)
The first of 13 sessions will be Tuesday, January 10
The final session will be Tuesday, April 4.

Location: Zoom

Tim Oberholzer

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L.I.V.E. – Radical Spirit

With Tim Oberholzer

January 10 - April 4, 2023

Chapter 7 of the Rule of St. Benedict presents the steps of humility by which we ascend the ladder of our lives as God raises our hearts to heaven. These 12 steps prompted hours of reflection during my time as a monk at New Melleray Abbey. I went so far as to create a spreadsheet setting St. Benedict’s steps of humility alongside restatements by St. Bernard and Sr. Joan Chittister, related Scripture passages, a “God … and I …” call and response interpretation, the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and an attempt at putting them in my own words. I left the monastery in 2018 but I kept the spreadsheet. From time to time I return to it, pondering the opportunities to grow in the virtue of humility.

This book discussion will follow Sr. Joan Chittester’s exploration of Benedict’s steps of humility. I invite you to join me in a weekly chapter-by-chapter discussion of a step of humility and how it fits into the ladder of your life.

This 13-week journey provides an opportunity to delve into one chapter of Radical Spirit: 12 Ways to Live a Free and Authentic Life by Joan Chittister, OSB, each week. Via 1-hour Zoom sessions, Tuesdays, 6-7 pm (Pacific) 9-10 pm (Eastern), our group will share thoughts and impressions of the chapter. We will explore the relevance and applicability of each step of humility as lived in “ordinary” circumstances.

Commitment to the weekly reading is essential as is a commitment to attending and sharing in the weekly Zoom sessions.

Note: Please obtain a copy of Radical Spirit: 12 Ways to Live a Free and Authentic Life by Joan Chittister, OSB, prior to the January 10th session.


St. Gertrude’s L.I.V.E. (Living In a Virtual Environment) offers online programs to further opportunities for prayer, learning, community, and spiritual growth from a Benedictine perspective. We look forward to bringing the Monastery of St. Gertrude to you, wherever you are.


Tim Oberholzer
Tim Oberholzer directs Spirit Center, coordinates facilitated retreats, and is a spiritual director. Tim spent five and a half years as a Trappist monk at New Melleray Abbey in Peosta, Iowa.  Deep prayer and reflection led him to leave the community prior to making solemn profession. He moved to Idaho to be closer to his parents, discovering the Monastery of St. Gertrude through a job posting for the innkeeper position at the Inn at St. Gertrude. Tim earned a business degree from the University of Notre Dame, studied philosophy and theology at the University of St. Thomas, and completed the…
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