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Date & Time Details:
Thursday from 6-7:30 pm (Pacific), 9-10:30 (Eastern)
The first of 10 sessions will be Thursday, March 14
The final session will be Thursday, May 16

Location: Zoom

Contact: Tim Oberholzer

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Diffusions :: Glittering Vices

With Tim Oberholzer

March 14 - May 16, 2024

The vices mark things we need to leave behind. That is our starting point. … [An] adequate and effective response invokes “graced disciplines,” daily rhythms of discipleship that bridge a life held captive to vice and a life that shines with beautiful virtue.

— from the Preface of Glittering Vices by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung

This book discussion will follow Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung’s Second Edition of Glittering Vices: A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies chapter-by-chapter. In this 10-week journey, our group will meet via 1 1/2 hour Zoom sessions, Thursdays, 6-7:30 pm (Pacific) 9-10:30 pm (Eastern), to share thoughts and impressions of each chapter.

Discussion prompts will be provided on Mondays for the week’s discussion. Each meeting will involve a brief prayer/reflection, a review of ground rules, opportunities to share thoughts from the previous week, 30 minutes of small group breakout discussion, and large group sharing.

Commitment to the weekly reading is essential as is a commitment to attending and sharing in the weekly Zoom sessions. This program is a discussion rather than a lecture. The quality comes from your willingness to participate in the conversation.

Note: Please obtain a copy of Glittering Vices: A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies Second Edition by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung, prior to the March 14th session.


Diffusions offers online programs to further opportunities for prayer, learning, community, and spiritual growth from a Benedictine perspective. We look forward to bringing Wisdom from the Center to you, wherever you are.


Tim Oberholzer
Tim Oberholzer is the Coordinator of the Center for Benedictine Life. In addition to managing the operations of the CBL, Tim facilitates in-person retreats and on-line programs. Tim also accompanies others as a spiritual director. Tim spent five and a half years as a Trappist monk at New Melleray Abbey in Peosta, Iowa.  Deep prayer and reflection led him to leave the community prior to making solemn profession. He moved to Idaho to be closer to his parents, discovering the Monastery of St. Gertrude through a job posting for the innkeeper position at the Inn at St. Gertrude. Tim earned…
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