Sr. Teresa Jackson, OSB

Sister Teresa made First Profession in 2000 and began working with the retreat ministry. As part of an outreach program, she traveled across Idaho, Washington, and Oregon facilitating retreats as well as organizing meaningful experiences for often overlooked groups – parish secretaries and women pastors, for example – at the Monastery. She began to co-coordinate the oblate community with Oblate Jeannette Kelley in 2006. In 2007-8, Sister Teresa earned her Certificate in Monastic Studies from St. John’s University in Minnesota.

She believes Benedictine life is not just for sisters. In 2012 she began “Living as Monk in Everyday Life,” a cohort program at Spirit Center that forms people from all walks of life in Benedictine values and monastic principles.“ Some people can have this mentality that they can just be passive recipients while the sisters are ‘professional’ religious. I want to help people recognize the calling of Benedictine life can be for everyone.”

Sr. Teresa is driven by “the desire to help bring St. Gertrude’s into a new future with a different way of understanding Benedictine life. I have been inspired by the people who come here and find this to be a place of great spiritual depth. I have intuitively responded to that and want to help them become more connected and find ways to live the same Rule of Benedict that I do. St. Gertrude’s is more than sisters. It’s a collaboration, all of us coming alongside in all the different ways God is calling. We’re all in this together.”

Events with Sr. Teresa Jackson, OSB

Living as a Monk in Everyday Life: A Benedictine Spirituality Cohort
August 22 - 28, 2022

Many people today are discovering a deep hunger for God at their core.  The ancient Benedictine monastic tradition is a way of life designed to help people live a life focused on God. In this nine-month program, we will focus on how ordinary people can integrate Benedictine monastic prayer, values and structures into their lives outside of a monastery. The program begins with a week-long retreat at the Monastery of St. Gertrude.  Over the next nine months participants will take online classes in Benedictine spirituality, participate in online discussions with other participants, explore suggested readings and do regular integration/reflection exercises. …