hillsJust a SNAPSHOT
Dollops of ruffled sunshine
Mounted on sturdy green stems
Wave to red vested robin
Soaring past blue heaven’s hem.
Slender blades of grass
Nestle purple violets sweet
One brilliant yellow button
Multiplying as carpet neat
Rushing, reaching, weaving
All the colors of spring
Joy, new life, beginnings
Reveal our Risen King.

Seeing through the Fog

Spring here at the Monastery often means thick fogs that burn off by afternoon. Occasionally we are above the fog but most often we’re in the midst of it. Fog, like cataracts, hides the realities we know are there, budding trees, violets and snowdrops, the Spirit Center and the Inn. We hear voices but do not see who is speaking and sound is muffled. We wait, we believe, we trust that the sun will return and bring us clarity again.

Easter scriptures portray a spring season where people are often looking through contaracts at the reality of Jesus’s resurrection. Mary Magdalen has a hazy vision of a gardener, the Emmaus couple don’t recognize the stranger on the road, the apostles think they are seeing a ghost. Only gradually are their eyes opened to see the reality behind the experience.

Many of us “see thru a glass darkly” when it comes to understanding God’s plan for us and our world. We worry and stew, try to figure it all out, and can be overcome by fear and sadness when life is  overwhelming. Peace comes when we remember God’s simple plan: wait, believe, trust that the Son is risen, that God’s plan is still unfolding.


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