On Saturday, August 19, Sister Esther Velasquez worked at a booth at the Unity in the Community event in Riverside Park downtown. This mission of the event is to support the community in all its diversity — cultures, colors, religion, health, political issues, and many other things.

Sister Esther could be found volunteering at the booth for The Fig Tree, a newspaper that covers positive things happening in the community (http://www.thefigtree.org). From 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. she handed out free papers and the free Directory of Resources compiled by The Fig Tree staff.

“I got to enjoy the entertainment on the main stage by the clock tower. I always love seeing all the families and children!” she says. This included a dance from Myanmar performed by a group of young girls and a marimba band. Her favorite were the several police officers in uniform who did a dance to a rap. The sheriff got up with a guitar, sang a silly song, and got the crowd to sing along. The sheriff was voted the crowd favorite and his charity received some prize money.

“I am so impressed with Spokane and all the activities put on for the benefit of the public and good causes!” she says. “I go to as many as I can just to enjoy and to gather information.”

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