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Mailbox Retreat: Come to the Table

a mailed writer’s retreat during the month of April 2021

Good food writing is rarely just about food; it’s about people, places, the way we live, the meat and bones of who we are. ~Molly Wizenberg

There is a communion of more than our bodies when bread is broken and wine drunk. ~MFK Fisher

Come to the Table for a four-week exploration of Recipes for Loving and Giving. Each week we will send you a packet of nourishing invitations for contemplative writerly and artful practices that you can stir and mix as you are so moved. What’s simmering in your heart? What recipes in your life do you follow to a T? Which ones do you improvise? How does food and your relationship to it story your life? You are invited!

Receive weekly packets in your mailbox for personal retreat time. Retreat lovingly designed and crafted by Ched Johnson and Nancy Collins-Warner. 

Sliding scale fee: $25-$40, maximum 20 participants


Cheryl Johnson

I am a retired teacher and a truth-seeker.  I have taken many retreats at the Monastery of St. Gertrude (incl Living as a Monk in Everyday Life: A Benedictine Spirituality Cohort; Embracing the Artistic Call and Come to the Quiet) and I helped facilitate the Creative Word (with Nancy Collins-Warner and Theresa Henson).  I am a Novice in the St Gertrude’s Oblate program.  Postcard-writing distills meaning in the present moment. For me, God is in the details, especially if I get out of the way. Writing is a spiritual practice. If I surrender to passionate attention, the Divine may enter. I am currently writing a multigenre memoir in a Benedictine vein. I am grateful for St Gertrude’s. It is a second home where I come to be in Silence and Community.

Nancy Collins-Warner

I am an Old Lady sitting on the Clearwater Canyon hillside, watching the river flow East…in my dreams! I write poetry as a spiritual practice, the words are given to me and I pray them back to the Creator. St. Gertrude’s has been my spiritual home for more than 30 years, where I have been privileged to be a guest, retreatant, volunteer and donor. Early on I knew that following the daily rhythm of Benedictine life suited me, was somehow familiar. Doing so more intentionally has made life sweeter, helped me be more present to my own and others’ suffering, as well as joys. I have been privileged to study and take writing retreats with some great poets and spiritual teachers, and it is my delight to share from what I have learned, as well as from who I am. 

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Theresa at 208-962-5065 or email

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