“I have a variety of things to do; no two days are the same.” That is how Janis Lance, the Monastery’s chief financial officer, begins to describe her love of her work. She was hired over 34 years ago as a secretary to the prioress and to answer phones. She was moved part-time to the Business Office and eventually assumed the full-time responsibilities of CFO. Her work includes overseeing all the Monastery’s financial functions as well as being involved in general administration. Over the years she has been involved in the implementation of new telephone and wi-fi systems and now the Building Remodel Campaign.

“I love accounting; I love a challenge; I am appreciated. The trust I can feel the sisters have in me makes it so much more than a job.” Janis credits good mentors in finance. The high value she places on job happiness has led her to decline other opportunities.

Her grounded engagement has been the foundation to also help the community envision new possibilities for the future. A few years ago she saw a program on a cohousing project in England and shared it with Sister Teresa Jackson as an idea for St. Gertrude’s. On June 11, 2018, the community voted to move forward with the cohousing initiative. The subsequent need to expand the dormitory-style rooms into apartments coincided with other updates the residential wing required, and a full-scale remodel project began.

“I am so happy to see this happen,” she said. “Outside people bring a different depth and stretch us in healthy ways. Plus the space and private bathrooms will make it a lot more pleasant for the sisters.”

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