dawnsmWomen come from as far away as Boston and New York and as close as Clarkston, Washington and Moscow, Idaho to explore the contemporary monastic life. They are Catholic, Protestant and interfaith, ranging in age from early 20’s to mid-50’s. Together we learn what it means to live a life focused on God, whether inside or outside a monastery.

The “Monastic Immersion Experience” is a program for women to volunteer and experience our way of life for varying periods of time while working in a Monastery department, attending classes on monastic topics, engaging in spiritual direction and sharing our life of work and prayer. It is a life giving opportunity to grow in faith.

Sisters frequently shared how much they enjoyed the life and energy of the group. The participants express appreciation for the chance to learn more about our way of life. They also reported being surprised at how fun the sisters are (alas, old stereotypes die hard). “It is always a life-changing experience for them and us,” said Sister Teresa, of the membership team. “We are deeply grateful for their presence among us.”

“The sisters at St. Gertrude’s taught me what it means to be Benedictine, to seek God above all else.  They demonstrated St. Benedict’s understanding of living out your relationship with God practically in life through making time for prayer, work, and study. They modeled that there is “no separation of prayer and life.” While I was at St. Gertrude’s I must admit, I deeply experienced a home in which I could live out my relationship with God.”  ~ Miracle Ryder, Monastic Immersion Experience Participant


This season, spend a week or two in December or January living monastic life with us. Pray, live, work and celebrate Advent, Christmas, and or the New Year with the sisters. Let the monastic silence speak to your heart this season.  Learn more and inquire…