Spirit Center Retreats

Individual Retreat

Flexible Dates
Spirit Center at the Monastery of St. Gertrude
St. Benedict said, “Listen with the ear of your heart.” Why? It is this type of listening that allows the hearing of divine wisdom and inspiration that guides our lives into ever-increasing fullness, peace, and joy. But sometimes the noise and blur of life make that difficult. That is why we offer you the opportunity to come to Spirit Center and listen.

Silence the Christmas Noise 2023

Flexible Dates
Spirit Center at the Monastery of St. Gertrude
Set aside a few days for calm, quiet Advent reflection this year. You are worth this gift of time away from the holiday rush, to prepare yourself for the true meaning of Christmas.

Redefining Retirement: A Spiritual Practice

With Sr. Barbara Jean Glodowski, OSB

October 10 - 12, 2023
Spirit Center at the Monastery of St. Gertrude
Whether already retired or preparing for retirement, you can redefine the way you live into the second half of your life through an examination of the wisdom of Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Richard Johnson and the values of Benedictine spirituality. Explore the challenge with others on the journey.

Diffusions – The Desert as a Spiritual Environment

With Dr. Samantha L. Miller

October 18, 2023
Come explore what it is about the wilderness that draws people to deeper relationship with God and how the wilderness shapes people in habits of attention and indifference. Part two of our fall desert saints series!   Diffusions offers online programs to further opportunities for prayer, learning, community, and spiritual growth from a Benedictine perspective. We look forward to bringing Wisdom from the Center to you, wherever you are.

Grateful Simplicity

With Julie Ferraro, Obl.S.B.

October 31 - November 2, 2023
Spirit Center
Autumn presents marvelous opportunities for spiritual housecleaning, to refresh the way we look at God, at ourselves, at others, and at the world. Using concepts drawn from Benedictine and Franciscan spirituality, this holistic retreat will provide suggestions and insights about decluttering body, mind, and soul, shaking the dust off old ideas, and rearranging what is important, in order to move forward on a journey of gratitude, with openness and awareness that every experience, every person we meet, can teach us valuable lessons that bring us closer to God.   Spirit Center and the Center for Benedictine Life at the Monastery…

An Attitude of Gratitude Yoga Retreat

With Kay Totten

November 7 - 9, 2023
Spirit Center at the Monastery of St. Gertrude
November is a month when we naturally think of GRATITUDE as we near the time of Thanksgiving and the culmination of our summer and fall season activities.  This yoga retreat will focus on our deep inner need to begin each day with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE and a brief time of silence and reflection.  There will be a variety of yoga sessions focusing on restorative/gentle yoga as well as exploring how challenge within our yoga postures can also bring about a sense of gratitude for how our bodies move and stretch. Beginning “yogis” welcome! Please bring a mat, blocks, or…

Deep Writing: Excavating the Inner Life

With Cheryl Johnson and Tim Oberholzer

November 13 - 17, 2023
Spirit Center at the Monastery of St. Gertrude
We are archaeological sites. Personal artifacts buried in the rich humus of our lives long to tell their stories. These objects are sacred vessels, "tools" for listening, witnessing, and healing. Artifacts preserve "moments" and invite us below the surface where truth lies. Like archaeologists, we will dust off our objects and with our trowels of creative seeing, record, restore, and redeem them. Writing will be our "digging" practice. We'll show up and see what we uncover. You don't need to be "a writer" to attend this retreat. So, let go of that lizard on your shoulder and get ready to go…

Diffusions – The Heart of the Rule

With Tim Oberholzer

November 28, 2023
"Listen ... with the ear of your heart" is the often quoted and examined opening of The Rule of St. Benedict. In the Prologue and the following 73 chapters, Benedict makes 37 "heart" references (in the RB80 translation edited by Timothy Fry). During this Zoom session, we will look at these references from Scripture and in the practice of Prayer and Humility. Our goal is to spend time pondering the Rule of St. Benedict by focusing on the theme of the "heart."  Whether you are new to the Rule or a vowed Benedictine, the hope is that you will find…

Diffusions – Practices of the Desert Saints

With Dr. Samantha L. Miller

December 6, 2023
Looking closely at the sayings and lives of the desert saints, we think about their particular spiritual practices, what those practices lead to, and how we might imitate these practices in our own lives. Come see what our new friends can teach us about spiritual formation in this final part of our fall desert saints series!

Come to the Quiet

With Spirituality Ministry Team

January 26 - February 2, 2024
Spirit Center at the Monastery of St. Gertrude
Relax in God's presence, surrounded by natural beauty and supported by a praying community. Experience a week of silence for your heart, soul, mind, and body. Let go and listen deeply. Come To The Quiet retreatants stay in a private room with a private bathroom, receive three meals a day, and access all of Spirit Center's amenities. Included Optional Offerings: Readings and images to spark your reflection Conversations with a spiritual director Communal prayer with the sisters of the Monastery of St. Gertrude T'ai Chi body prayer with Sr. Carlotta Mid-retreat faith sharing Group art creation of a sand mandala

The Sacred Art of Traditional Iconography

With Fr. Damian Higgins

February 5 - 9, 2024
Spirit Center at the Monastery of St. Gertrude
"Holy icons direct us toward the Divine." Fr. Damian Higgins is an iconographer whose works are featured around the world. Don't miss this encounter with sacred Christian art using traditional egg tempera. Materials provided; no experience is necessary.

Diffusions – Benedict for Everyone

With Sr. Teresa Jackson, OSB

February 10, 2024
Benedict for Everyone: Reading the Rule of Benedict in the Modern World In this class, we will explore how people who do not belong to monasteries can read the Rule of Benedict and apply it to their life in the “world.”  Benedict’s “rule” is a guidebook for seeking a life centered on God and is easily adaptable to modern people.  Together we will learn how to understand and apply Benedict’s transformative wisdom in our lives. The class will meet once a week for 1 1/2 hours.  It will be challenging and interactive with discussion and practice. Each session will build…