Diffusions – Quill in Hand: Writers Seeking Balance with Benedictine Spirituality

With Julie Ferraro

January 13, 2024
This monthly discussion group will serve as a means for writers of short fiction, poetry, and novels to support each other as they deal with the struggles inherent to their creativity, while finding a source of balance in the Rule of St. Benedict. The group will meet via Zoom on the second Saturday of each month.   Diffusions offers online programs to further opportunities for prayer, learning, community, and spiritual growth from a Benedictine perspective. We look forward to bringing Wisdom from the Center to you, wherever you are.

Diffusions :: Inside the School of Charity: Lessons from the Monastery

With Tim Oberholzer

January 18 - May 9, 2024
In 2003, Trisha Day had the opportunity to enter the enclosure of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey and live the Benedictine life practiced by the Cistercian sisters of the monastery. This book discussion will explore Trisha's experiences, reflections, and takeaways from her three-month stay as recorded in Inside the School of Charity: Lessons from the Monastery. In this 17-week journey, our group will meet via 1 1/2 hour Zoom sessions, Thursdays, 6-7:30 pm (Pacific) 9-10:30 pm (Eastern), to share thoughts and impressions of each section.

Diffusions – Listening with the Ear of Your Heart – Benedictine Formation

With Debbie McCoy, Obl.S.B. and Diane Penny, Obl.S.B.

January 21, 2024
In this 5-part retreat series developed by Sr. Teresa Jackson, Prioress of the Monastery of St. Gertrude, we will explore how that call is the beginning of a lifelong journey in Benedictine Formation.  On the most fundamental level, formation is how we live Benedictine life on a daily basis. It is absolutely critical to our commitment as oblates.  And yet, we may struggle at times to clearly understand what formation is and how to participate fully in the power of Benedictine practice. This retreat will deeply enrich your understanding of Benedictine formation, challenge you to deepen your commitment, and introduce…

Diffusions – Benedict for Everyone

With Sr. Teresa Jackson, OSB

February 10, 2024
Benedict for Everyone: Reading the Rule of Benedict in the Modern World In this class, we will explore how people who do not belong to monasteries can read the Rule of Benedict and apply it to their life in the “world.”  Benedict’s “rule” is a guidebook for seeking a life centered on God and is easily adaptable to modern people.  Together we will learn how to understand and apply Benedict’s transformative wisdom in our lives. The class will meet once a week for 1 1/2 hours.  It will be challenging and interactive with discussion and practice. Each session will build…