We are delighted to have the creativity of Judith Marvin on site. Judith has a degree in studio art from the University of Idaho and is a past participant of the Embracing the Artistic Call program.

“It is such a steady diet of positive,” says Judith, who works in a studio on the 4th floor near a window overlooking the Monastery forest. “It’s such a boost spiritually and creatively. The silence, the quiet is really good.”

Judith is working on a series of handmade books with block prints that celebrate childhood memories and her family heritage. “I am excited it has come together. This project has been in my head a long time but I haven’t done anything about it until now.”

The Artist Residency at St. Gertrude is a month-long opportunity for women visual artists, musicians, and writers to spend time with their practices in a monastic setting amidst the Benedictine Sisters of Cottonwood, Idaho.

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