by Sister Meg Sass

One lonely bird perched on a roof top

Two deer tap dancing on the bridge

Three Stellar jays fighting over bird seed

Four yellow-headed finch swinging on the feeder

Five kittens playing leap frog on the lawn

Six plus one mother cat on playground supervision

Seven bobbing quail lined up in parade

Eight red roses decorate the hobbit door

Nine colors of columbine waving in the breeze

Ten sweeping swallows, swirling on the wind

One glorious rainbow, the Mighty Hand of God.

One carved woman hiding in a tree

Two new graves promise everlasting life

Three types of pines growing on the hill

Four bells ringing, calling all to praise

Five Monarch butterflies tagging in the air

Six robins bobbing down the sidewalk squares

Seven ants scrabbling over a chocolate cookie crumb

Eight ribbons marking prayer both day and night

Nine notes whistled again and again

Ten thunder cracks and lightning in the night

God’s grace pours down in bouncing drops of rain.