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The Monastery of St. Gertrude Center for Benedictine Life is a place of growth and renewal, a necessary part of which is meeting the needs of our tangible, material environment as well as our individual and collective mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.    

 We come to you three times a year with specific needs that you can help us meet.  Learn more about our current needs below and please contact Carrie Barton at or (208) 962-5060 with questions.

Thank you for your generous response!

Spring 2022 - Spirit Center Needs a New Roof!

It was a dark and stormy night . . .

in 2012 when hail pounded down on the Camas Prairie. The hail caused serious damage at the Monastery.

And now the Spirit Center needs a new roof!

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Spirit Center was built with a roof expected to last 30 years. The hail damage to the roof cut its expected life-span in half. The sisters did receive an insurance settlement but it covered only half of the cost to repair the damage and was used to repair the hail damage to the Monastery building.

Now the roof at Spirit Center is leaking around an air conditioner vent and causing problems on the second floor. Temporary repairs are working for now but the need for a new roof is urgent.

Your gift will help Spirit Center continue to welcome each person into sacred space.

Sometimes the soul needs rest. Spirit Center responds to that need by nurturing and supporting each individual’s spiritual journey, no matter their faith tradition.

Cathy’s* soul felt battered by the storms of life. She found the Spirit Center online and fled there to find rest and re-orientation.  During her time there, she met with a Spiritual Director, hiked the hill in prayer, and poured out her sorrows in art.  Her time at the Spirit Center restored her soul.  Cathy’s story is not unique.
(* name changed to protect her privacy and dignity.)

Spirit Center opened in 2005 in response to the world’s profound hunger for depth and meaning. Rooted in our Benedictine spirituality, Spirit Center offers private and group retreats, and certified spiritual direction.

Since Spirit Center reopened in May 2021, we have shared our ministries in these ways:

  • We ministered to more than 650 people on-site
  • We conducted 14 retreats
  • We hosted 25 outside groups
  • We have provided spiritual direction through six certified spiritual directors on-site and an additional two who provide help when needed
  • We offered over 690 spiritual direction sessions in the 2021 calendar year.

We are grateful for the many ways you support the St. Gertrude’s community.

Your generous gifts make Spirit Center and all our ministries possible. Together, we are sharing healing hospitality, grateful simplicity, and creative peacemaking with a world in need. Thank you!


Sr. Mary Forman, O.S.B.

Please join us in this important work by giving a gift today.

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