creativeOne of the benefits of attending a retreat is the spiritual companionship of learning and growing with a group of people. “Embracing the Artistic Call: A Cohort Program for Exploring the Mystery of the Creative Experience” seeks to extend the retreat community beyond the one-time gathering so that community develops across distances and then reconverges in a final retreat that includes an art show with the sisters.

One of the dictionary definitions of cohort is “a group of people banded together” and that is exactly the intention of how people will proceed through the program. It all begins with a week-long retreat February 22-26, 2016, and concludes twelve weeks later with a weekend retreat June 3-5, 2016. In between, participants will have the opportunity of responding to weekly invitations, deepening their creativity, and staying connected to cohort members.

“Embracing the Artistic Call” will bring together individuals at any level of artistic proficiency who have a desire to live a creative life with intention. One cohort inquirer wrote: “I no longer think artists do well in isolation; artists need to spend it all, be open to those who cross their paths and be in that present moment, listening to and engaging others. That act alone nurtures their craft and potentially strengthens it.”

If you have the desire to explore the unknown reaches of your own creative spirit with the support of a  creative community, then please join us for this twelve-week cohort program.  One participant wrote: “Full of surprises, twists and turns and ah-ha moments. It was nurturing in a way I hadn’t anticipated.”

“Embracing the Artistic Call” is limited to 20 participants who will be accepted through an application process. A donation of $765 will cover the retreats, food, lodging and program costs after acceptance into the cohort program. To inquire about participating, call 208-962-2004 or visit