Sister TeresaA Q&A with facilitator Sister Teresa Jackson, OSB

“Living as a Monk in Everyday Life” with Sister Teresa Jackson is a nine-month Benedictine spirituality cohort program that begins with a week-long retreat October 2-8, 2017. 

What inspired you to create this program?

My primary inspiration has been seeing the number of lay people who feel very drawn to Benedictine spirituality but who don’t have opportunities for in-depth, structured formation in what it means to live as Benedictines in the world. The “Living as a Monk in Everyday Life” cohort is an opportunity for like-minded people to journey together as they develop a monastic lifestyle in the midst of a society that doesn’t understand this call.

How do you see people changed from this experience? 

benedictWe just had a reunion for participants of this program. One thing I heard people say consistently was “it has changed my life.” People find this program very challenging. It is hard work and requires looking deeply into your own

“issues” as well as what it means to desire a deeper relationship with God. But for people who persevere, it is clear that they come away with new depth to their spiritual life. One past participant advised people who were considering this program: “Pack your bags because you are going on a wonderful journey. It will change your life.” You will also meet some exceptional people to share your journey. An amazing bond and sense of community develop among the participants.

Who is this program ideal for?

This program is ideal for someone who has a sense of wanting more from their faith life. If you have a sense that simply believing and going to Church on Sunday isn’t enough, if you have a hunger for more depth in your relationship with God, if you are willing to get to know yourself better and be more intentional in the practice of your faith, this program might be for you. It is a lot of work, it isn’t easy, and takes a substantial commitment of time, but most people who are intentional about doing the work find that their lives are never the same.

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