Minute A Day

Welcome to the new minute-a-day prayer series. Ever wish you could spend time at the Monastery every day? Or that you had more time in your day for prayer and quiet contemplation?

We know that so many of you live too far away, or just have lives that keep you from joining us in person in prayer each day, but we wanted to offer you a way to experience some connection with us, even from across the country or around the globe.

So we’ve recorded a new series of one-minute videos from around the Monastery. These are quiet scenes designed to help you slow down for just a minute and feel a sense of deep connection – with yourself, with the Monastery, and more importantly, with God. We’ll send them right to your inbox each morning for the next week.

The series is completely free, and we hope that you enjoy it. To start right away, just enter your email below, and you’ll be getting an email from us shortly.

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