Terese Luikens

Terese Luikens is the author of A Heart’s Journey to Forgiveness, a Memoir of her inspiring journey of emotional healing from her father’s suicide. Terese publishes her own blog, Why Bother? She resides in Sandpoint, Idaho, and is still married, after forty years, to Luke, her husband. She is “Mom” to her three sons and “Grandma” to her two grandchildren.

Events with Terese Luikens

July 9 - 11, 2024

Real relationships are messy. They are times of miscommunication, misunderstanding, unmet expectations, and hurt feelings. More often than not though, the people closest to us do not set their sights on trying to make our lives miserable. But sometimes, when their misery cannot be contained, it spills out all over those who are closest to them.  The greatest challenge for those who get splattered by another’s misery is to avoid blame, to refrain from bitterness and to resist revenge. Has a person or an event of the past shattered your hope for the future? In the aftermath of a traumatic…