Sister Meg at her 50th Jubilee in 2012.

Sister Meg at her 50th Jubilee in 2012.

Approaching two months after a major automobile accident, Sister Meg Sass is making a solid recovery on the assisted living floor of the Monastery. The October 15 automobile accident in Boise resulted in 8 broken ribs and a concussion.

“Most of the time I’m doing pretty good, except for when I come back from the physical therapist’s,” she laughs. “I have an exceptionally gifted physical therapist but I don’t feel the results of the good work until several days after.”

At first she was using a walker but now she is up to climbing five stairs and is able to help out on the assisted living floor with such gestures as serving coffee to the other sisters there. She is appreciating the time she is spending with them.

Her glasses were shattered in the accident but she had been waiting to obtain new ones until she regained mobility. Now she is scheduled for two cataract surgeries this month and will get glasses five weeks after the procedures.

“I’m grateful for all the people who have stopped by to visit and say hello and share their good wishes,” she says. “I hope that everyone who needs prayers will experience them like I have.”

Sister Meg sees her recovery as an opportunity to experience extra quiet time during Advent. “Advent is about the whole idea of what’s coming and the many, many ways in which God comes…people’s visits, a cup of coffee for Sister Jean, increased healing…there is a lot coming in my life — and I hope in everybody’s life: for the Syrian refugees, the people navigating winter storms, and those working to amend climate change.”