Kay Totten

I became interested in Yoga in my “later” years because (like many) I noticed a decline in my flexibility and balance. I also noticed an increasing challenge in remaining centered in my prayer life as well. What I was to learn through my exposure to Yoga was that it could be the beginning of a rich and fruitful spiritual journey as well. This led to my search for (and graduation from) an accredited Christian Yoga program (Yahweh Christian Yoga Academy). I have been blessed to be a “Yoga guide” for others in their own search for wholeness of body, mind, and spirit through classroom teaching and individual coaching. My primary focus in teaching has been a “gentle Yoga” model which openly invites all persons regardless of age or experience. My goal is always: All are welcome; All will be blessed.

Events with Kay Totten

An Attitude of Gratitude Yoga Retreat
November 5 - 7, 2024

November is a month when we naturally think of GRATITUDE as we near the time of Thanksgiving and the culmination of our summer and fall season activities.  This Yoga retreat will focus on our deep inner need to begin each day with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE using the key themes of:  LIGHT, WARMTH, ENDINGS, RESILIENCE, AND BEAUTY. Beginning “yogis” welcome!  The yoga sessions will be grounded in the Yoga for Healthy Aging method allowing for modifications in postures and safety in your practice. Please bring a mat, blocks, or any other props you might want for your practice.